Monday, 20 October 2008

Day 3: All targets missed...

Page 3 pencils, 5pm, Day 3.

So that's as far as we got.  We were on schedule to finish page three, I think, by late morning on Day 3.  But then it dawned on me that having drawn the many boulders on page 2, panel 3 (see previous post) individually, then I was going to have to do the many many many boulders from further away in panel 4.  It works well, I think, but it took a long time.

So I didn't get started on page 3 until after our quick lunch break.  Chris had lots of research all lined up for me (pictures of Saturn; Babylonian Numerology inspired spacecraft designs), so the pencils came together pretty quickly (despite it being fairly elipse heavy in the first few panels), and I even  got going on the inks, but not far enough.

We realised at some point in the three days that what we were actually doing was making a comic the way comics were made when we were kids - but without the staff.  Pencils and ink on Bristol board, with letters done separately, was the way comics were made when we first nurtured those dreams of making comics ourselves.  These days there are more computers involved.  Something for us to think about when we start work on Chapter 2 (or rather, start finishing off Chapter 1).  More research and practice required before then, I think.

They weren't particularly long days, but my brain is tired today.  The level of concentration was higher that I expected.  But as it came time to finish yesterday, I was disappointed to not have more drawing time.

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