Thursday, 31 July 2008

The Nazca Lines & Other Issues

Our story starts in Peru. Amidst the Nazca Lines. I've uploaded a drawing of these lines (Thanks to

There will also be elements of the golden mean and other mathematical enigmas (pi, infinity and the square root of 2 and of course my perennial favourites, primes) in the finished work.

I'll get round to exploring these and other exciting things later.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


I forgot that Alex would be reading this blog as well.

Now's my chance to do that great thing that really annoys me when people do it to me - which is speak about the other person in the third person.

So... I'm not sure whether I'm ready to embrace this 'style' of artwork for our graphic novel. Seems a bit unfinished somehow. I also have a problem with the balloons.

After Thursday I will apply myself to the story and working it out. Now if I could only locate where it is on my hard drive.

Another Early Setback

Well, Chris is worrying about the writing and our disagreements about what the publicity image is of.  A more pressing issue for me is that having worked on this image this morning (when I'm meant to be working on something else) is that I appear to have forgotten how to draw.

Anyway, here it is, fifth attempt.


Our first disagreement over the project

This morning Alex and I have a telephone conversation about the publicity image for the project. Alex suggested one thing, I suggested another, slightly more complex and more about the story than the project itself.

Alex, the one who is going to draw the image, suggested that his was a better idea.

I agreed with him but secretly I'm seething.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Getting Started

Chris: I'm getting concerned about the story. I'm also concerned about how much we can achieve in the allotted time. The more research I do into how to put together a graphic novel the more naive I feel.

I'm not sure how much of these concerns I should share with Alex as he's got enough on his plate with all of the drawing and whatnot and I think that I'm the one that's supposed to be in charge and therefore understand what to do...