Tuesday, 9 December 2008


The planned prologue will be something a long the lines of this:

According to all the best sources, primes are the building blocks of mathematics. The golden ratio appears to be an important building block in our universe - like an four by two lego brick - fundamental, ubiquitous, unavoidable.

It's the fibonacci sequence which gives us access to the golden ratio, which only has a minimal amount to do with primes...

And then there would be a conclusion....

So there are two sets of numbers that keep the architecture of the universe upright, those friendly with the primes and those friendly with the fibonacci's.

Two sets.

Both infinite, but in different ways.

So, two different kinds of infinity.

That'll do you head in on a Sunday morning, when you're just hungover enough to regret it but not enough to swear off it forever.

Something like that anyway.